Tanabata doodle 2013 in Google China with animation and music

Google came up with its second Tanabata Doodle 2013 this year. The doodle on Google China was an animated one with music. It included the theme of the day accurately. The meeting day of this two stars Altair and Vega is celebrated as the day of love in China.

Tanabata Doodle 2013 in Google China with animation and music
Tanabata Doodle 2013 in Google China with animation and music (August 13, 2013)

Tanabata Doodle 2013 of China includes the two stars Vega and Altair as the picture of two lovers. We can enter in to the game by clicking on the heart symbol. While clicking on that we can catch the Magpies flying over the Milky Way and create a bridge to help the two lovers meet.

There are many level in the game, we can go through each level and play it. Tanabata Doodle of 2013 was one of the best among the doodles seen on the Google homepages. This Google doodle is a clear reflection of the legend related to Zhinu and Niulang, the daughter of heavenly king and her partner.

Stories says that Zhinu and Niulang was separated by the king and allowed to meet every year ones. As they are separated by the heavenly river Milky Way, Magpies come to help them meet together every year making a bridge over it as we can see in the Tanabata doodle published in the Google homepage.

In China it’s also known as Magpie holiday and Chinese Valentine’s Day. We can see the programs that we can see on Valentine’s Day on other countries in China on this day. It’s the young boys and girls over the country celebrate the day with all entertainment and fun.

Apart from China we can see the similar festivals in parts of Japan and other neighboring countries. In most of the places the festival occurs on lunar years seventh day of seventh month. This interactive doodle on this day published in China gives a new experience to the users.