Taiwan Celebrates Teacher’s Day 2014 on 28 September with Google Doodle

Today Google came up with the Teacher’s Day special doodle in Taiwan search homepage. Taiwan celebrate Teacher’s Day on 28 September every year.

Taiwan Teacher's Day 2014 Google Doodle
Taiwan Teacher’s Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 28, 2014)

Google Doodle you could see on Google Taiwan homepage is similar to that published for Teacher’s Day in other countries this year. Different roles played by a teacher is included using logo alphabets. Taking to the search page for Teacher’s Day, clicking on doodle list all news and stories related to Teacher’s Day.

Taiwan Teacher’s Day

Taiwan’s celebration have its root in China. Its the birthday of Master Educator Confucius celebrated as Teacher’s Day. Earlier it was on August 27 ¬†celebration took place.

Executive Branch of Government China, Executive Yuan ¬†changed the date to September stating it is more precise date. It’s in 1952, after studies and calculation of date according to Georgian calender, date of Teacher’s Day celebration fixed to September 28.

Taiwan on the day celebrate with grand functions and programs. Grand Ceremony dedicated to Confucius in temples is the main event of the day. For honoring teachers, on Teacher’s Day students visit their old teachers and wish them. Sending greeting cards and giving flowers are also very common on the day.

Happy Teacher’s Day Taiwan.