Google’s Doodle on Tadataka Ino Birthday

February 11th is the Birthday of renowned surveyor lived in the 17th century Tadataka Ino. Tadataka was a man who spend long 17 years of his life in completing a survey. On Tadataka Ino’s  birthday Google remembered him by this doodle.

 Tadataka Ino Birthday Google doodle
Tadataka Ino Birthday Google doodle (February 11, 2009)

In the Tadataka Ino Birthday Google doodle we can see the clear image of cartographers surveying the land to make the maps. Each and every alphabets in the Google doodle is replaced by tools to do the land and geographical surveys. Tadataka doodle clearly reflects the effort taken by him to makes his task completed.

Tadataka Ino
Tadataka Ino[Image Credit :muzachan]
It was at the age of 49 Tadataka Ino became the pupil of the famous astronomer Takasahi Yoshitoki who became his master in science, mathematics and astronomy. It was after the studies of 5 years he became capable of becoming a surveyor. In the year 1800 Tadataka started his survey to make the map of Japan getting permission from Shogunate.

Tadataka continuously worked for long seventeen years of for creating this map and it was after his death in 1818 his team members completed it. Within this time period he traveled all the places in Japan and marked each and every points and landmarks in his work.

Tadataka Ino was the first man to make the map of Japan and it’s perfect to publish a doodle in the memory of this great man on his birthday. Google doodle on Tadataka birthday is designe as if survey is going on.

Today there is a museum in Japan which was built to honor this Tadataka for his work for the country. A postal stamp was also issued in the year 1995 in his memory. By publishing this creative Tadataka Ino Birthday Google doodle honored him and his dedication for country.

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