2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Opening Ceremony Google Doodle

Google released this doodle on the occasion of Olympic Games in Sydney. The opening ceremony of this big event was happened on  September 15, 2000 Friday. The ceremony setup a big platform for this international sporting event with welcoming speeches, artistic shows and parade of athletes from different countries.

Sydney Opening Ceremony Google Doodle
2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney – Opening Ceremony( Sept 15, 2000)

The opening of ceremony is formally done by Sir William Deane, Governor-General. The ceremony portrayed all the shades and colors of Australian cultural icons.It is described as ” the most beautiful ceremony the world has ever seen” by IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch.

Google Doodle is looking quite simple and contains the exact flavor of Olympics opening. Sydney Opening Ceremony Google Doodle contains the national animal of Australia, kangaroo at the right end. The kangaroo is holding a Fire Torch as to emphasize the importance of opening of the huge international sporting event.

Opening ceremony become huge success by the participation of 12,687 people and by the contribution given by of 12,000 performers. The ceremony was a amazing musical treat to the whole world. The start of the ceremony was with the tribute heritage of the Australian Stock Horse. After that there was a spectacular show by Steve Jefferys with his 120 riders and their highlighted performance to form 5 rings of Olympics.

The letters in Google doodle  is written in different colors from that of usual logo. The letters are written with blue, yellow, black, green and red, which are colors appearing in the Olympic ring. The rings (with 5 different colors) represent 5 different participating continents.

Opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
[ Image Credit : blog.newscom.com ]
Human Nature and Julie Anthony sang the ‘Advance Australia Fair’, the national anthem of Australia after the arrival of chief guests. The segment called ‘Deep Sea Dreaming’ visualizes the affinity of Australian country towards sea and the performers setup an aquatic scene for this. The segment called Awakening in the Olympic Games in Sydney was come out as the one which is useful to refresh the Australian history which has thousands years of age.

Then the next segment called ‘Nature’ showcased an insight towards the geographical area and wild life of Australia. Another segment called Tin Symphony is a travel through the settlement of Europeans in Australia and presented the developing aspects of nation. The highlighting and most fascinating segment was the ‘Arrivals’. In this segment the presentation of different cultures and the introduction of each continent. The participants wearing costumes symbolized each continent.

The segment ‘A New Era and Eternity’ symbolized the work for building the future of the nation. Another attraction of opening ceremony was the band which consists of 1000 Australian musicians and 1000 other musicians from other country. The main  attraction of opening ceremony was the parade of all nations.

199 nations arrived for the parade except Afghanistan. After the opening address the Olympic flag arrived in the stadium. Eight former Olympic champions carried the flag. The conclusion of opening ceremony is done with the lightning of Olympic lamp. So overall the opening ceremony was recorded as one of the best feast for the audience all over the world.