Swiss National Day 2013 doodle with flags of 26 Canton’s

Swiss National Day 2013 doodle landed on Google Switzerland on August 1st, 2013. Google doodle is presented in layered design. We can see flags of 26 canton’s of Switerland in Swiss National Day 2013 doodle.

Swiss National Day 2013 doodle
Swiss National Day 2013 (August 1, 2013)


All the importance of the day is captured in the Swiss National Day 2013 doodle with its unique design style. It’s common to see the hanging string decoration like what included in the doodle everywhere on the day. The inclusion of Google logo in the second row of the Google doodle makes it special.

Swiss people celebrates their National Day every year on August 1st. On Swiss National Day of 2013 also varieties of programs were arranged throughout the country. As in Swiss doodle each and every streets and shopping malls are covered with decorations. People flow to the tourist places and malls on the day with the loved ones for celebration.

Swiss National Day celebrations is fixed on August 1st to commemorate the Federal Charter of 1291. Celebrations of national day are increasing year by year. Paper lantern parades, public speeches, competitions and fireworks are common on this day on all parts of the country.

Switzerland contains many natural resources and beautiful places which catch every ones heart in a single look. Snow fallen mountains with variety of flowers is the main attraction of the country.

The main celebrations of Swiss National day is organized in all the major places of the country where people gather together on groups. The light decoration of Rhines water fall on this day is witnessed by thousands of people every year.

With dance, music, party and prayer people over the country celebrate their national day in a grand way every year. With this Swiss National Day 2013 doodle Google wished them a very happy day in the year 2013.