Swiss National Day 2007 Google Doodle

Observance of Swiss National Day have always been a very important day for the people of Switzerland living all over. Where ever there is a Swiss man or women, we can see a peaceful and prayerful celebrations on this day.

Swiss National Day 2007 Google DoodleThis day is very important in the history of Switzerland. This is the day on which Swiss Federal constitution was established. It’s on 1291 the incident which became the base for the observance took place. Anniversary of the singing of Federal charter in Switzerland is observed as Swiss national day.

Google also took part in the Swiss National Day celebration of the year 2007 with Swiss National Day 2007 Google Doodle dedicated to all those people who worked for nation and national progress. Google doodle on the home page of Switzerland on August 1st was the clear reflection natural beauty and culture of Switzerland. Man with Alpine horn in the place of Google letter g goes in hand with the doodle as it’s specially designed for the national day of nation with great culture and tradition.

Apart from that doodle designer have included the White Mountains which resembles the snow covered mountains of Switzerland as the background of the doodle which is relevant and beautiful.

All the communities of people celebrate the day together with one heart on August 1st. The celebration of Swiss National Day began in 1891. Since then people all over Switzerland gives a great importance for this day and celebrate as the best day all over the country.

Celebrations of the day will not end in Switzerland. It will take place all over where there are people of Switzerland. In New York it’s the Swiss Benevolent Society which organize the large event on the day to make the days observance the best. The program includes the participation of more than thousands of people. Likewise in every country the celebrations takes place on August 1st if there is a Swiss citizen living over there.

Swiss people are those who shows great respect and honor towards the nation. The way they show their respect for the nation is something that should be taken as a role model for people living all nations. Apart from the cultural and moral values people of Switzerland is also very good in etiquette

National Day Parade
National Day Parade
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Culture and tradition of the Swiss people is outstanding. Switzerland is the country which also have a beautiful geography.  The scenic beauty of the country is something beyond explanation. The snow covered mountains and greenery of the country makes us think that it’s the heaven on earth.

It’s a country which is locked between Alp’s Jura and Swiss plateau. Geographical beauty of country have attracted people from many places. Now it is one among the best tourist spots in the world. There are many historically important places and monuments in Switzerland. The biggest waterfall of Europe Rhine’s is situated in Switzerland.  All these place makes Switzerland a benchmark which should be taken as model for bringing out the natural beauty of the country in a perfect way.

On this day people over Switzerland include many cultural competitions, parades and other programs which reflect their patriotic love and respect. Google also wished the people of Switzerland a very special and memorable day with their doodle.