Swiss National Day 2004 Google Doodle

Swiss National day is celebrated as a National Holiday in Switzerland on 1st of August. Google released a special doodle on this occasion. It is celebrated as a commemoration of foundation of the Swiss Confederacy as early as 1889.

Swiss National Day 2004 Google Doodle
Swiss National Day 2004 (August 1, 2004)

The inspiration for the celebration is taken from the date of the Federal Charter of 1291 which occurred in early August. The document is considered as the one of the several dozen pacts attested for the territory of Switzerland during the period of the mid-13th to mid-14th century.

The evolution of Old Swiss Confederacy has association with the Rütlischwur, dated to 1307 or Bund of Brunnen of 1315 by Aegidius Tschudi. There were great importance given to the Federal Charter of 1291 by the Federal Department of Home Affairs of November 21, 1889. They also suggested the celebration that is to combine the celebration of 600th Anniversary of Confederacy and city’s 700th anniversary.

After the 650thanniversary celebrations of celebrations of 1941 which is considered as the main consequences occurred to replace the Rutlischwur. November 8 (Rutlischwur) is considered as the most prominent date and is replaced with the date of the Federal Charter. Now August 1 is celebrated as national day with paper lantern parades, hanging strings of Swiss flags, Bonfires and fireworks.

Swiss National Day
Swiss National Flag
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Google released a Swiss National Day 2004 Google Doodle to remember the celebrations of Swiss national day. They are famous for cows and production of milk and milk made products. So it is apt to give the picture of cow. The cow carries the National Flag of Switzerland.

Swiss National Day 2004 Google Doodle is simple and conveys the idea for which it is dedicated for. SwIss National Day is celebrated in various part of world. The most famous celebration is in New York where Swiss National Day is celebrated by Swiss Benevolent Society of New York. The celebrations attracts lot of people from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania contains Swiss, Swiss-Americans and Friends of Switzerland people lives in America.

Another place where celebrations are widely seen on August 1 is Washington, District of Columbia. The celebrations is conducted in various parts like Swiss Club of Washington, in the Los Angeles suburb of Whittier D.C, on the Swiss Embassy grounds. The celebration showcases Swiss cultural events and games, mainly including a crossbow competition. In Britain it is also celebrated as Yorkshire Day. The celebrations are initiated by a Swiss Baker in 1919 and is now celebrated with spending time in 6 cafe-tearooms across Yorkshire