Swiss National Day 2001 Google Doodle

Swiss National Day, the national day of Switzerland is on August 1st. Swiss people celebrate the day with grant functions and paper lantern parades.

Swiss National Day 2001 Google Doodle
Swiss National Day 2001Google Doodle (August 1, 2001)

Google doodle released on Switzerland on this day was specially designed with all the ingredients which conveyed the wishes to Swiss people. It included Ice Mountains which are common sight in Switzerland above the word ‘Google’. The inclusion of the Swiss national flag reflected the importance of the day in history of country.

In Swiss National Day 2001 Google Doodle flag was figured on the Google alphabet ‘l’. We can also see beautiful flowers like Edelweiss in the doodle. ‘Edelweiss’ which are known by the name ‘Star of the snow’ in the doodle gave beauty and grace to it. These flowers are commonly seen on the high Alps of Switzerland. The inclusion of white, green, blue and red color in the doodle made the doodle colorful. It’s the simplicity in the design which made the doodle beautiful.

Switzerland Flag
Switzerland Flag[Image Credit :unitedstatesflag]
Swiss National Day an official national holiday. Many special programs are seen on the soil of Switzerland on this day. The illumination on the 25 meter high Rhine water fall is lit only on this great day. It’s is a mind blowing sight. Paper lantern parades are another specialty of this day on Switzerland. Fireworks, parties and picnics are also common in this day.

The date for the celebration of national day came out primarily from inspiration of Federal charter which was the document contained dozens of pacts which attested for territory of Switzerland. It was in the year 1291 in the month of August. So the Swiss National Day is celebrated on its anniversary in which the Swiss confederation was established.

Switzerland is a country with great cultural, geographical and historical importance. Google wished this special country in a special way on its National Day with this doodle.