Microsoft to make surface Smartphone release very soon

We are all known that Windows 8 operating system was release on 26th October. Microsoft surprised us on that day with the introduction of Surface tablet. Reports says that Microsoft to make surface Smartphone release very soon.

surface Smartphone releaseMicrosoft released the Surface tablet because of today’s trend on Smartphone and Tablet market. It is a fact that now Smartphone have more demands than desktop computers.  Microsoft already has a mobile operating system that has promising market value. With the introduction of surface Smartphone Microsoft to tighten their position in technical world.

surface Smartphone release

Once Microsoft official said that “It is very very important to me….we got tons of feedback from developers that they want something like as well. I promise we are thinking very hard on that one…”.The statements which give clear indication on Smartphone manufacturing. Microsoft plans to manufacture the Smartphones themselves because of hardware cum software coupling makes the handset more functional.

The introduction of Surface Smartphone will surely affect the market of Finnish manufacture Nokia. The struggling cellphone maker found a break through with the adoption of Windows phone operating system. If Microsoft starts the cellphone manufacturing by themselves then they can provide the best ever Windows phone experience to the users. In such a stage the Nokia get dumped again.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface is the second line tablet from the Company. It has a 10.2 inch screen with full-HD clear display. The tablet has a screen resolutions of 1920*1080px. It is a heavy tablet with weight measures 910 grams. Also it has a thickness of 13.5mm. Surface Pro have a good vaporMg exterior which developed by Microsoft itself.

The Surface Pro tablet runs on Windows 8 operating system. The full version of Windows 8 OS helps to run popular desktop applications on the tablet. Also users get more than 20000 application support from Windows store. The kick stand with the Surface tablet helps to view the multimedia contents much better than normal view. The wireless keyboard also makes the inputting more advanced. With these two equipments Surface Pro really look like a laptop.

The lag less performance of the tablet is promised by third generation Intel core i5 processor. The advanced graphic support is offers by Intel HD 4000. It also has a RAM support of 4GB. To provide the ultimate tablet experience Microsoft also released digital pen tool with Surface Pro. The 42 W-h battery can only provide 4 hours of standby which is pretty very low. It has two 720p camera on back and front phase. The 64GB and 128GB models available at the rate of $899 and $999.