Steve Jobs movie release date changed from April 19th

The Steve Jobs movie set for worldwide premier show in this January at Sundance Film festival that film earlier. But now film makers change Steve Jobs movie release date from April 19th.

Steve Jobs movie release dateAshton Kutcher is the man starring as Steve Jobs in the movie. Movie of this great iconic CEO is directed by Joshua Michael Stern and story line is written by Whiteley. Films music direction is done by John Debney and cinematography is by Russell Carpenter. jOBS distributed by ‘open road films’ also caste Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney, Mathew Modine, Lukas Haas and many more.

Film on life history of Steve Jobs obviously may become inspiration for lots of youngsters to build up a good career. He was the man who through differently and fought to become a winner in life. His thoughts and quotes are highly inspirational.

Without Steve Jobs Apple may not reach this height which is seen today. The popularity of the devices bought in to market during the time of Steve Jobs are the milestone in the history of Apple Inc. It’s the dedication a truthfulness that he showed as a CEO of Apple made him the best.

For the promotion of the film the actors who is playing the role of Steve Jobs and Josh Gad appearing in the role of Steve Wozniak, the Apple fellow co-founder appeared in the Macworld conference this year. Mixed reviews were given for the movie of Jobs after the premier on Sundance Film Festival.

This movie on Jobs included a timeline from 1971. It is expected that the foundation of Apple, Steve’s theories and quotes everything will be included in the movie with perfection and clarity.

There is no man in the world who can replace Steve Jobs. The innovative thoughts that he had in the mind made Apple reach at this height. Los Altos, California and Los Angeles are the main places where the film was pictured including childhood home of Steve Jobs.

There is not words to explain about Steve Jobs. It’s not only the talent on technical innovations which make him the best CEO that world ever seen. It’s the angle in which he saw the life which makes him perfect. He was a man not interested in getting fame and name. He have once told in his life time that he will be the first man to inform you if anything goes wrong in Apple during his leadership.

The loss of Steve Jobs in the year 2011 due to pancreatic cancer was really a great loss for Apple as well as the whole world. If the biographical movie on the life history of this great man is able to show justice towards him it will be the inspiration for thousands of youngsters think for a change of world in the right way.

The new date of release is not yet confirmed. We can hopefully expect the movie by the second half of this year. So it seems that the Jobs fan have to wait little more for the movie.