Steve Jobs movie is ready to hit theaters on August 16th

Movie of the legend Steve Jobs will be is ready to be in theaters on August 16th. There were many rumors on the release date of the movie. It was primarily said that Steve jobs movie will be released on January after that on April and finally it’s announced to be in theaters on August 16th.

Steve Jobs movie jOBSOpen Road Films confirmed new release date of the movie jOBS.  Joshua Michael Stern is the director of the movie which visualizes the life of iconic Apple CEO and Co-founder Steve Jobs. Whiteley is the story writer and John Debney is the music director of the movie.

jOBS was in news headline and it attracted the people from the beginning of its production. A movie on the life of a person who was inspiration for a generation is something great. jOBS is the movie which is awaited with great enthusiasm by the Apple fans.

Steve Jobs was the Apple CEO and cofounder who changed the entire flow of Apple Inc. He left the company for some time after starting it and returned back to Apple in 1998. After his return to the company, we can see an amazing growth for Apple share and value in the world. The iDevices changed lifestyle of today’s world was the outcome of his thought.

As per the news, the entire life history of Steve Jobs is included in this movie as if it is.  Steve Jobs truthfulness, confidence and hardwork hopefully will become inspiration for lot of youngsters through this movie if it works out in a right way.

After the premier show in Sundance film festival, film got mixed review from the critics. Now world audience can see this most awaited movie in theaters on August 16th. We can wait till that time to actually know how it will be. Steve Jobs attitude, life style and thoughts are diffrent from ordinary man and it became the reason for many new innovation.