St Patrick’s Day 2013 Google Doodle

Google released a special dynamic doodle on its homepage on St Patrick’s Day of 2013. The day is specially celebrated to honor the saint Patrick of Christian community who spend most part of his life serving people.

St Patrick’s Day 2013 Google Doodle St Patrick’s Day 2013 Google Doodle was included in the homepage landed on special countries were the celebrations of this day is common like Ireland and UK.

Google doodle is very pretty and beautiful. It included the animated cartoon characters dancing the Irish dance. Doodle consist of 5 women and a man stepping together the Irish dance movements. Green is the color associate with the day and doodle also includes green costumes for the people in it.

The logo letters are included in the center part of the costumes of little dancers in the doodle. The inclusion style of Logo in the doodle makes it different and attractive. It was on this day March 17th St. Patrick died after his inspiring life.  It was in Ireland St. Patrick teached the lessons of Christianity during his life time.

It was in the year AD 387 St. Patrick’s was believed to be born. Legends and stories behind the celebrations vary from country to country and from community to community. Patrick is the saint who is believed to be the man who made people in Ireland about Christ and Christianity through his speeches and life.

The history says that St Patrick was bought to Ireland being kidnapped at the age of sixteen. His was bought as a slave to there and after working as a slave over there for years and he became a priest and went back to Britain, his birth place and again came back to Ireland up on a dream in which he was said by God to preach his teachings in Ireland.

St Patrick’s Day
St Partick’s Day celebrations
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The celebrations of the day starts on morning parade in which people rally together wearing green costumes and special leaf which St. Patrick’s used to make them know about holy trinity. After the parade there will be special prayer in churches to memorize the services of the Saint for humanity.

It’s from 1776 St Patrick’s Day got this much popularity and now we can see that celebrations extends to two or more days. St. Patrick’s parade is one of the largest parade which have participation about hundreds of people. There is a funny custom of pinching those who are coming for the parade is costumes other than green color.

The celebrations of this day is mainly dedicated to show the honor to the great saint who sacrificed every enjoyment in his life for others. Google also spread the significance of the day in the history of Ireland with this special animated doodle in its homepage. Google doodle is very simple though it had a comic look for it.

The day is celebrated in a grand way in Irelands and neighboring countries with great importance and programs. Apart from celebrations and fun this day is especially dedicated to pray to St. Patrick and go through his path and way he adopted to live the life.