St Patrick’s Day 2009 Doodle with Green clover

St Patrick’s Day 2009 doodle was decorated with clover in it. Every Google logo character is replaced with green color as if it’s the clover plant which St Patrick used to explain about holy trinity.

St Patrick’s Day 2009 Doodle
St Patrick’s Day 2009 Doodle (March 17, 2009)

It was in the places where there is large celebration on this day Google published this St Patrick’s Day 2009 Doodle on March 17. This day is especially dedicated to Christian saint Patrick who was born in Ireland. It was the day in which saint passed away after his long life of spreading Christianity and inspiring Irish people celebrated as the feast day of Patrick.

As we can see in the Patrick’s Google doodle, green color is closely associated with the celebration of the day. Evan O’Sullivan is the designer of the doodle that we saw in the homepage of Ireland. This was the winning doodle of that year’s doodle 4 Google competition.

Design of the doodle is perfect for St Patrick’s Day as it’s designed with clover in green color and its root deep. It was in the year AD 461 St. Patrick’s died. In his life throughout he did many things for making human knowing what humanity is.

Celebration of St Patrick’s Day 2009 was similarly good as all other day. St Patrick’s Day includes many customs including prayer in churches and long parades. People wear green dresses for the program associated for the celebration. Decorations in green color are seen on streets and other places in the day. It has got great importance in Ireland with many special programs though small celebrations takes place in other countries also.

Since 1776 long parades are conducted on the day to add color to the celebrations. P One of the longest parade that takes place in the world is St Patrick parade that takes place in the morning section of March 17th.

Saint Patrick was well known to the Christians all over the world as his life is taken as a model for them. The way he presented his life to people live during his time by teaching and helping them was really something to be honored.

Though small celebrations started soon after his death it was in 1776 its popularity increased and by 1990’s it reached to a high level. Now St Patrick’s Day is the best celebrated and respected day by the people over Ireland especially Christians over there.