St Patrick’s Day 2006 with Shamrock doodle

As a part of commemorating the famous patron saint Patrick St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on his death anniversary. St Patrick’s Day is also known as ‘Feast of Saint Patrick’ or ‘the Day of the Festival of Patrick’.

St Patrick's Day 2006
St. Patrick’s Day 2006 (March 17, 2006)

The St Patrick’s Day 2006 doodle released by Google is made of that green shamrock leaves. Google have released St Patrick’s Day 2005 doodle in previous year also. In those St Patrick’s Day doodles also, this green color and shamrock leaves are the important flavors.

In St Patrick’s Day 2006 doodle Google released , the main attraction is the shamrock flowers itself. It is decorated around the Google logo.

St Patrick give immense contribution to spread Christianity in Ireland and thereafter he he become the well-known patron saints of Ireland. St Patrick Day is celebrated as feast day particularly in Ireland in modern days. St Patrick’s Day was celebrated as official feast day in many regions during 17th century. The main custom for St Patrick’s Day is to wear green costumes and attending church, parades and processions etc…

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated as national holiday in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Montserrat and Newfoundland and Labrador. St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated in other countries like United States, Canada, Argentina, Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia.

It is believed that during the ancient ages St. Patrick was used to explain about Holy Trinity to the people of Irish. He used a three leaved plant known as the shamrock to explain about Holy Trinity.

St. Patrick's Day Parade
St. Patrick’s Day Parade [Image Credit :]
Shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs are displayed in public during the St. Patrick Day celebration. People dress up in green costumes like green dress, hat, shoes etc… So during these celebration green color accessories are main choice as we can see in St Patrick’s Day 2006 Google doodle.