St Patrick’s Day 2004 Google Doodle in Green

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated as a part of death anniversary of famous patron saint. The special day is also known as ‘the Day of the Festival of Patrick’ or ‘Feast of Saint Patrick’.

St Patrick's Day 2004 Google Doodle
St Patrick’s Day 2004 Google Doodle (March 17, 2004)

The saint Patrick is the person who is responsible for the Christianity in Ireland and thereafter he become the well-known patron saints of Ireland.  But during 17th century the special day is celebrated as an official feast day in many regions.

The main custom for St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green costumes and attending church, parades and processions etc… There are restrictions on eating and alcohol drinking which is proscribed during rest of the whole season.

In Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Montserrat and Newfoundland and Labrador St. Patrick Day is celebrated as national holiday. It is believed that St. Patrick was used a three leaved plant known as the shamrock. He used it to explain about Holy Trinity to the people of Irish.

From a St.Patrick's Day parade
From a St.Patrick’s Day parade[Image Credit :]
So the shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs are displayed in public and it is the unique feature of St. Patrick’s Day. Here in our St Patrick’s Day 2004 Google Doodle  also it is designed in green color and a Shamrock – inspired design is also embedded in the Google Doodle. On this occasion people wear green clothes hat, glasses etc…

If we get in to the lift of St. Patrick, only few information is available. It is believed the he is born in Roman Britain in fourth century. He was born in a rich Romania British family. Later he study to become a priest and become the Bishop of Christianize in Ireland.