Google celebrated St. Patrick’s day 2001 with Doodle

Google celebrated St. Patrick’s day 2001 with Doodle . St. Patrick’s day Doodle is a reflection of honoring saint Patrick by the search giant, celebrations can observed in Great Britain, Canada, United States, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand.

St. Patrick’s day 2001 with Doodle
St. Patrick’s Day(Mar 17, 2001)

With  St. Patrick’s day 2001 Doodle, Google decorated its home page with green color, which is associated with saint Patrick. You can also see three leaved Shamrock , a leaf which was used by St. Patrick’s to explain about holy trinity to Irish people. Pot of Gold and leprechauns are also associated with St. Patrick’s Day. In the Google doodle also you can see Gold of Pot where leprechauns hides all their treasures.


St Patricks (AD 387-461)
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St. Patricks day is national holiday for United States. Irish themed parties, green based food consuming, parades are the main highlights of St. Patricks day in United States. By focusing Irish-American culture long parades held on 16th March, one day before St. Patricks day at New York City. People found as St. Patricks day as celebration of green.

One of the most interesting thing done by Americans on St. Patrick’s day is water dyed green in publish, they make entire Chicago river with color of green. Also service green dyed foods and drinks.

The main food items cooked on that day is corned beef and cabbage. There is legend that it was St. Patrick who drove all the snakes from Ireland. There are stories on pot of gold and leprechauns related to this.

Irish people will celebrate this day with great respect to honor the St. Patrick. Any one in Ireland celebrates this day despite of their caste and creed. Google also showed their respect and honor for Patrick by  doodle on this special day in its homepage.