St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday Google Doodle

St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday Google doodle appeared on Google homepage on 23rd of April in 2009. Doodle was published in United Kingdom. Saint George is an important saint that Christians worship and Shakespeare is the writer admired by people all around the world.

St George's Day and Shakespeare's Birthday Google Doodle
St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday (April 23, 2009)

In St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday Google Doodle we can see the picture of green colored dragon in the place of letter ‘l’.  St. George, the patron saint of many countries is known for saving the princess from the dragon.

It is said that there lived a dragon in the place name Silene in Libya.To feed dragon everyday people used to give sheep’s to it. One day all the sheep’s were over giving to dragon and people stated giving children to it by taking lottery.

St. George
St. George
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One day the name of the princess came in the lot and king was forced to give her daughter for the food for dragon. On the day when dragon came to feed on princess St. George passed by the way and hearing the cry of the princess he went there to the pond were the dragon lived and saved the princess by killing the dragon.

We can see in every picture of St. George a sword in hand and killing dragon by sitting on horse. From the time St. George is the saint who is believed to protect us from snakes and other such creators. People will pray to St. George for protection when snakes come to attack them. There is a belief that he will protect us from snake if it comes to attack.

As this is a combined birthday doodle for St. George’s Day and Shakespeare’s Birthday we can see the picture of Shakespeare in it in the place of alphabet ‘g’  in Google doodle.

He was regarded as the national poet of England. Starting from comedies, poems, histories and romantic plays we can see a large series of works in his name. He the prominent writer lived during 16th century. It was on April 23rd, 1564 he was born.

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s works includes more than 35 plays. All of these are taken and deeply studied by writers and this plays were great inspiration and model for the young writes. The unique style that we can see in the works of Shakespeare take him a step above all other writers. The words and phrases that he include in poems and dramas are something that touch every hearts.

After giving lots of brilliant works to the world he died at the age of 52. Today also people takes his work and study it and research on it.

Google by publishing the special doodle on Shakespeare’s birthday and St. George combined announced the specialty of day and made people remember them all over the country.