St David’s Day Google Doodle with Lilly

It’s on 2007 March 1st Google came up with the St. David’s Day special on its homepage. It was in United Kingdom Google released this special doodle.

St David’s Day Google Doodle (Mar 1, 2007)
St. David’s Day(March 1, 2007)

St. David was regarded as the patron saint of Wales. He was known by the people all over there as a great man who did good things for humanity throughout his life time. There is only very few proof for the life of St. David which has been found out. He was believed to be lived in early 6th century.

After a life of 100 beautiful years which was a milestone in making humanity know what is right and wrong he died on the year 589. It was on March 1st he got his heavenly birth and this day is regarded as the basis of celebrating St. David’s Day. It was Pope Callixtus II who recognized St. David and honored him. He was well known as a preacher, founder of Celtic Monastic community. St. David’s cathedral is built in the place where he founded the Celtic monarchy. This church is prominent as one of the best churches in the world where we can see the architectural and structural creativities of artist in the 10thcentury.

St David’s Day
St. David

St David’s Day Google Doodle with Lilly was designed to honor St. David on his feast day was very simple and it reflected all the simplicity in a sincere way which St. David shown through his life. Doodle also included the picture of daffodil flower. It was in the middle portion in between the two letters in the Google logo designer included the daffodil which is the flower associated with the St. David’s Day celebration.

The way in which Google honored St. David on his feast day shows that how much effort they take to follow what is happening around. Google always tried to utilize all the chances through which they can give a good message to the world. I think this special doodle on the homepage of Google on the feast day of a great saint is the outcome of this behavior of the Google. Celebrations of the day was good and included large participation in this year also. People over Canada observed the entire day with great importance and honor to St. David.