Google Doodle St David’s Day 2014 with Dragon pouring Tea

Saturday’s Google Doodle in United Kingdom marks the feast of Patron Saint of Wales St David. Google doodle features image of Dragon pouring Tea to the cup of a lady dressed in traditional costume.

 St David's Day Google doodle 2014
St David’s Day Google doodle 2014( March 1, 2014)

You can see, Red dragon replacing the alphabet ‘l’ with it’s tail forming letter ‘e’ in the Google doodle. St David, the patron of Wales died on AD 569. March 1st, St Davids feast day is celebrated with variety of programs over there. It’s common to see Leek and yellow daffodils pined with clothes on the day. As pictured in St David’s Day Google doodle 2014, people will wear traditional costumes on the day and take part in parade.

St David’s Day programs have already started with lot of colors and music in UK. As usual, largest parade of  St Davids day will be at Cardiff. Carnival dances, music bands ,dragon plots and  followers of parade will pass Cardiff City hall and reach the Cardiff Castle by 12.30. Prince Charles will attend the parade. This year in 2014, hopefully the biggest world record Welsh Cake will be made by a team of cooks in Bala as a part of  St Davids Day celebration.

St David Day is not bank holiday in most of the places though there were movements to make it so. Offices and schools arrange grant celebration programs on St Davids Day. Leek s and meet soup, cawl stew, cheese and bread are common dish for the day. Main celebration commemorating  St David, who worked in establishing Christianity, founding monastic settlements and churches will take place in UK, France, Canada and US . Google have come up with doodle for St David’s Day in previous years also with Dragon, daffodils and leek.