St David’s Day 2009 Google Doodle

St David’s Day 2009 Google Doodle came up in Google homepage on March 1st, on the feast day of St. David in 2009. Google doodle included the picture of leek which is the main symbol used on the day for celebrations and parades.

St David’s Day 2009 Google Doodle
St David’s Day 2009 Google Doodle (March 1, 2009)

Saint David is the patron of Wales. It’s in Wales the main celebrations takes place on this day. People over wales have great respect for the saint and celebrates the day by arranging special prayers in the churches, parades and other cultural programs to spread the message of the day.

In the St David’s Day 2009 Google Doodle  we can see the picture of leek placed of alphabet ‘o’. This is to point of the message of the day to all who go through the Google homepage ones in the day. There is no other changes in the logo other than the inclusion of this leek in it.

St David was well known to the people of Wales lived during 6th century as he walked around spreading good messages to live life without harming any one by leading a simple life. He himself showed others how to live simple life and was a role model.

St David
St David
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St David’s teaching were heard by large crowd of people during that time. There were reports of many miracles that happened relating him. The most famous miracle among them points to the formation of new hill while he was teaching people over wales. It say that one day while he was teaching the place he stood was risen little upward and a small hill was formed over there.

On the commemoration day of St David people will hold leek in their hands and take part in the parade. It’s said that St David told his people to wear leek in the cap while going for a war. Leek is the national emblem of Wales and it’s commonly used in national festivals of Wales.

It is believed that after working throughout his life for the spreading Christianity to people over Wales he died during the year 590 March 1st at the age of 100.

It was to spread the message of his life and life style and to take part in the celebrations of the day Google published special doodle on his feast day in the home page landed on United Kingdom.