Google’s Feast Day celebration with St David’s Day 2006 doodle

The feast day celebrated in the name of patron Saint David in Wales is known as St. David’s Day. The feast day is celebrated on 1st day of March as a way of remembrance on his death anniversary. It is believed that he was lived in 5th century.

St David's Day 2006 doodle
St David’s Day 2006 (March 1, 2006)

On the occasion of St David’s Day Google released St David’s Day 2006 doodle. The Google doodle contains the daffodil flower instead of the ‘l’ in Google logo. The leak and daffodils are considered as national emblems of wales. So the feast day is commemorated by wearing of leaks and daffodil flower.

St David’s Day is celebrated as the national holiday in Wales. In 18th century it was declared as national day in Wales. With the cross-party support in 2000 St David’s Day is declared as public holiday in Wales.

One of the important Christian shrine at Glyn Rhosin of Saint David is an important center for visitors. As the people of Wales worship him as national patron Saint and thus the feast day known as St David’s Day is recognized as a national festival for many centuries in Wales.

Welsh society throughout the world celebrates this feast day with dinners and recitals and concerts. In the countries such as United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and United States of America although they celebrate St David’s Day as feast day , it’s not recognized as national holiday.

From a St. David's Day celebration
From a St. David’s Day celebration [Image Credit :]
The parade that is held in Cardiff is considered as the largest parade and it is attended either by British Monarch or the Prince of Wales. Also the celebration will be extended to small towns and other public places. Parades are held in the center of town and concerts are organized in pubs, clubs, and other venues.