St Andrew’s Day 2008 Google Doodle

St Andrew’s Day is celebrated on November 30 as a feast day in the name of Patron Saint Andrew. On this occasion of St Andrew’s Day 2008 Google doodle was released in the name St. Andrew’s Day 2008 on 30th November, 2008.

St Andrew's Day 2008 Google Doodle
St. Andrew’s Day 2008 (November 30, 2008)

In Scotland St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated as official National Day. St Andrew’s Day is declared as an official bank holiday in 2006 by Scottish Parliament. In Romania also St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated as national holiday. Saint Andrew is also known as Parton saint in countries like Greece, Russia, Romania, Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, Saint Andrew, Barbados and Ukraine.

The feast day is known as different names in different countries. In Germany it is celebrated as St Andrew’s Night (Andreasnacht), in Austria as a custom with St Andrew’s Prayer (Andreasgebet), in Poland as Little Andrews (Andrzejki) and in Russia as Night Andrew.

In the St Andrew’s Day 2008 Google Doodle instead of alphabets ‘l’ and ‘e’ there is a Bag Pipes. The St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated with traditional food, dance and music especially with Bag Pipes. So it is apt to give a Bag Pipe there in the doodle.

St. Andrew's Day celebration
St. Andrew’s Day celebration [Image Credit :]
There are some traditional customs associated with St. Andrews Day. It is considered as the opening of Christmas markets.

The girls will pray to St. Andrew for good husband on the night before the St. Andrew’s Day, i.e. on 29th November.The day before the feast day is known as St. Andrew’s Eve.

It is believed that St. Andrew was died on a diagonal cross which is used by Romans for executions. The diagonal cross symbol is adopted in the National Flag of Scotland also and also incorporated in Union flag also. The blue color in the flag indicated sky.