Spring and Labor Day Google Doodle 2014 in Russia

Google Russia celebrates Spring and Labor Day with a Google Doodle on May 1, 2014.  Along with Russia, India, China and some other countries also celebrates Labor Day on 1 May. It’s also known in the name May Day and International Worker’s Day.

Spring and Labor Day Google Doodle 2014 in Russia
Spring and Labor Day Google Doodle 2014 in Russia(May 1, 2014)

Russian’s celebrate Spring Day also in this time. As there is two combined celebration it lasts for five days. Various programs and flower exhibitions are arranged in this season in Russia. Google doodle for Spring and Labor Day is also colorful and meaningful as the day.

In Google Doodle, you can see people walking with balloons and kid enjoying beauty of flowers. Google logo is included in white color at the top portion in doodle. Yellowish background with colorful flowers in the bottom portion makes doodle attractive. Flowers and balloons symbolically points to celebrations, rebirth and happiness.

Initially May Day celebrations were only related to Spring and flowering season.Now, it’s Labor Day programs highlighted every were on May 1st. Grand parades and public functions are organized on countries on May 1st were it is celebrated as Labor Day. Though every country celebrates a day for honoring Working Labors, it is according to their priority and considerations the date is chosen.

This year, Google Doodle only appeared in Russia though many other countries also celebrated Labor Day on May 1st. Haymarket affair took place in Chicago in 1886 is the base of May day celebration.  It’s in 1918, May day celebrations got great importance. In most of the countries it’s a public holiday.

As Russian’s celebrates Spring Day also in same day there is a wide variety of programs taking place in Russia. Crowning May Queen, collecting flowers  and worshiping in temples for good fruitful year, partying are common in the day. Google Doodle also wished a fruitful year and respected the efforts of labors in building nation on the day.