Google Doodle to welcome First Day of Spring 2014

Season of flowers welcomed by an animated flowery Google Doodle on Thursday. Google doodle announces the arrival of spring season all around on 20 March 2014.

spring 2014 doodle
spring 2014 doodle(March 20, 2014)

You can see a cute blob man watering the plants in spring 2014 doodle. Coming to the homepage the animation starts, each logo alphabet is replaced with flowering plants and second ‘g’ is replaced with blob man itself. Clicking on the doodle, you will be taken to search page with news of spring equinox.

Though Spring started officially, there is no much variation in cold winter climate in most places. Hope that nature changes its chilly outlook and flow to the joy of fruitful and colorful spring by few days as in the Google doodle.

There are many festivals and programs associated with spring season. Spring is believed to symbolically point to rebirth and renewal. Nawruz, the Persian New Year is celebrated on first day of spring. The programs of this new year lasts for thirteen days. Google have also published special doodle for Nowruz 2014 also. Colors are given prominence in celebrations in the spring season. Holi in India, the festival of colors is celebrated to mark it.

Google have always presented seasonal doodles in the homepage to make world know the change of seasons.