Spot Asteroid 2012 DA14 lively with NASA

NASA is the agencey which helps to make your space dreams comes true. Today NASA going to explore the path of near earth asteroid 2012 DA14 lively. You can spot Asteroid 2012 DA14 lively with NASA.

spot Asteroid 2012 DA14 lively with NASADA14 is the most near earth asteroid which was spotted firstly on 23rd 2012. It has an estimated diameter of 50m and mass of 190000 metric ton. When it was spotted for the first time the scientist said that it will come very nearer to earth within one year. Today on 15th February 2013 the DA14 asteroid going to pass just 17100 miles above our head. NASA provides a live streaming of path of Asteroid 2012 from 2PM EST.

2012 DA14 won’t make any collision with the particles on earth surface. No other asteroid did pass the earth this much closer. DA14 travels from southern hemisphere to northern hemisphere. It is the reason for why the object appears to be this much closer to earth.

The path of 2012 DA14 can’t be identified with naked eyes. The live stream hosting by NASA will covered path at its perfection. The geographical analysts say that it is the first and last time ever have an asteroid can comes this much closer to earth’s atmosphere. It is because of the gravitational field force and earth’s orbits arounds the sun.Live streaming of DA10's path

For the next 33 years DA14 will not come near to earth’s surface. According to the reports in 2029 an asteroid named apophis will comes nearer to earth’s atmosphere. But it keeps quite a distance from the earth surface which is about 19200 miles. So today’s DA14 travel will becomes the most nearer earth asteroid path for ever.

NASA television will launching live telecast on this natural sky phenomenon world widely. The telecast will include famous commentaries images and videos. So keep part with this astronomical event.