Leaked specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note III

The most anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIV got launched on 14th March. Within a month the innovative Smartphone crossed 10 million in sales. Now the expectation for Galaxy Note III is at its peak stage. Here the leaked specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note III.

specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note IIISamsung Galaxy Note II sometimes referred as the anti-iPhone just because of its outstanding specifications. It is one of the best ever product from the Korean electronics giant Samsung. It makes the hope for next generation Galaxy Note higher. It is not at all confirmed by Samsung. But many of its specifications get leaked online.

Specifications of upcoming Galaxy Note III

The site gsminsider show off some of specifications of much awaiting Galaxy Note III. It also makes confirmation for the release of this product. Galaxy Note III code named as N7200 whereas Galaxy Note II gets with N7100. In the report it is also tell about the 1.6GHz processor which powered up Galaxy Note III.

I merely highlight the Exynos 5 Octa processor. It is the home grown processor from Samsung. The octa core processor ensures lag less performance and advanced power maintenance. It is developed through the coupling two four core cortex-A7 and cortex-A11 processors.

The next focusing thing about upcoming Galaxy Note III is the android 4.3 updation. Everyone thinks that the latest version of android gets introduced at Google I/O event. But Google extend the release to upcoming months. The Bluetooth low energy and OpenGL is the newer updations within android 4.3 version.android 4.3 confirmed for Galaxy Note III

Bluetooth Low Energy improves the battery life of the device through keep in with low power state. The OpenGL helps to provide advanced visual effects within games. Also it provide perfect platform to support intensive graphic applications. Moreover users can experience smoother and secured experience through it.

According to the previous reports the Galaxy SII will have 5.99 inch full-HD display with resolutions 1920*1080px. The next generation Galaxy Note will have a diamond pixel structure. It will available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB format. It is supported by 3GB RAM. Galaxy Note III will feature 13 megapixel autofocus camera. It is thinks to be release in upcoming months.