What is the speciality of Sony Smartwatch 2

The Japanese electronics manufacture Sony is the Company that introduced Smart Watch for first time. Today Sony officially introduced Smart Watch 2. So let’s check out what is the speciality of Sony Smartwatch 2

speciality of Sony Smartwatch 2Sony introduced their second Smart Watch in Mobile Asia Expo 2013 at Shanghai, China. In Sony’s word it is the most innovative Smart Watch available. Sony introduced this Smartphone by the true sense on today’s android dominance. Sony Smart Watch 2 makes a perfect integration with android phones and increases its functionality. It can acts as a remote to the phone.

speciality of Sony Smartwatch 2

The main speciality of Sony Smartwatch 2 multi-functional wearable computing device. It gets true android application interface for better performance. A watch is something that we mainly used when we are outdoors. To provide excellent outdoor usage Sony featured its Smart Watch 2 with IP57 rating. So the Smart Watch provides high resistivity to the water.

Sony Smart Watch 2 has 1.6 inch screen with resolutions 220*176px. As it has an aluminum body it looks stunning and becomes more protective. U also has stainless steel wristband. The Sony Smart Watch 2 is compatible with most of all android phones. It can receive and make calls by simple touch with the screen. It can save your time effectively.Sony's new water resistant NFC enabled Smart watch

You can also access your emails, messages, social networking updations using Sony Smart Watch 2. The innovative application support of this smart watch helps you to perform many Smartphone like functionalities. By taking the case of any tech deices that becomes worthless if it is nit featured with photography. You can capture you favorite scene with Smart watch 32 remotely with the help of photographic application.

The new Smart Watch from Sony also helps you to make presentation via presentation pal service within it. As it can make wireless connection with digital media player and other electronics devices it can be a part of making completion of many computing tasks. The Map integration within the Smart Watch 2 helps to make right navigations when you are on a journey. This Smart Watch can also provide long battery life.