Sorek Kierkegaard’s 200th Birthday Google Doodle

On 200th Birthday of Sorek Kierkegaard Google published a special doodle in the homepage landed on New Zealand. The doodle was published in the Google home page especially to make world remember Sorek Kierkegaard and his works.

Sorek Kierkegaard’s 200th Birthday Google Doodle Sorek Kierkegaard was famous as a poet, critic, religious author, philosopher and theologian. In the doodle dedicated for him designer included a new and unique style to present the logo alphabets in it.

Mortality, religion, life of single man, phycology, philosophy everything became the theme of his works. He was famous among the Danish writers of his time. It was after attaining deep knowledge in in literature, philosophy and theology he started his career after the death of his mother in the year 1831.

The new style that designer adopted to present the doodle seems to be interesting. Doodle itself is designed as if it is been under designing. We can see the image of Sorek in Sorek Kierkegaard’s 200th Birthday Google Doodle as if he is designing the logo letters with his feather pen. Though there is no crowded design in the doodle it’s simple and beautiful.

Sorek Kierkegaard was born in May 5th of 1813 in Denmark. He was born as the 7th child of his parents. From the childhood itself he was very much influenced by the thoughts of his father on religious matters and ethics.

The concept of Irony was the first book he published which marked the beginning of his career. That book was a milestone in his career which published in the year 1841. Works of Love, purity of heart is to will on one thing are the some of his most important works.

It was in 1855 November 11th he passed away while living in Denmark at the age of 42. His works were really influential. Many prominent writers have taken his works as a model to begin their career later after his death.

Google also rewarded this great man on his 200th birthday with this special doodle. Now also we can see the hand in many of the modern works. Concept of Anxiety, Christian discourses, practice of Christianity are some among the collection of his famous works recognized by the world.

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