Google Doodle marks Sophie Scholl’s 93rd Birthday

Sophie Scholl’s 93rd Birthday Google Doodle welcomed German’s on 9th May 2014. Sophie known in Germany for her activities in time of National Socialism.

Sophie Scholl's 93rd Birthday Google Doodle(May 9, 2014)
Sophie Scholl’s 93rd Birthday Google Doodle(May 9, 2014)

Google Doodle for Sophie highlights her activities within White Rose non violent resistant group in Germany. Though Sophie had a clear view on politics, its after entering in University of Munich, she actively came out with her views.

In Google Doodle for Sophie her image is depicted  in center between scattered leaflets  and white rose wreath with a leaflet in her hand, this points to the incident when she distributed anti war leaflets studying in University of Munich. Google logo alphabets are  also included in doodle as if wrote inside leaflets scattered beside her.

Born on 9 May 1921, Sophie have showed her talents in drawing and painting. When time passed, she became passionate about religious views and started studying theology. She also became Kindergarten teacher, as she loved kids very much. She was also a part of National Labor Service.

During her studies in Munich, she started White Rose, the resistant movement with her brother and friends. Anonymous leaflet and Graffiti campaign, White Rose became famous in University of Munich. Today you can see this White Rose monument in front of University of Munich.

At the age of 21, found guilty of treason, Sophie Scholl’s, her brother Hans and other White Rose members were condemned to death. It was on 22 February 1943, they died at Germany.

After their death also White Rose got great prominence over Germany. Today many honors, awards are given in many places in recognition to Sophie and other White Rose members. Several monuments are built in Germany, also, Sophie, Hans and White Rose were imaged in German postage stamp. Movies and books were released in theme of White Rose movement and Sophie’s activities after her death.

Google doodle on 93rd Birthday of Sophie is a honor for her courage and works she did in young age itself. You can view doodle on German homepage today and clicking on the doodle, you can view links related to Sophie Scholl’s.