Songkran Festival 2009 Google Doodle images child playing with water

On Songkran Festival 2009 Google came up with a beautiful doodle on the homepage landed on Thailand to celebrate the festival. It was just like the New Year celebration of Thailand. There is a custom of throwing water over each other so it’s also called Water Festival.

Songkran Festival 2009 Google Doodle
Songkran Festival 2009 Google Doodle (April 13, 2009)

Songkran Festival 2009 Google Doodle on the home page landed of Thailand ,we can see the celebration of this festival customs. Songkran Festival doodle portraits small girl enjoying by throwing water from a bucket. It’s a common sight that we can see over there on Songkran Festival day. Children as well as elders go out of the house with water piston and jars of water and play with water.

In the Songkran doodle the addition of girl playing with water in the place of alphabet ‘l’ and ‘e’ made it special for the day. It’s taken as the mode of wish as it’s the New Year day over there. It’s in some south Asian countries this day celebrated as New Year.

It is said that Songkran Festival celebrations started from India. In southern states of India, this festival is celebrated with great importance. It’s a celebration which last for a week. There is also association with Buddhism for this festival.

Songkran Festival
Songkran Festival[Image Credit :swp]
People will cleanse the images of Buddha in the monasteries. Water mixed with materials that produce fragrance is used for pouring on Buddha images on the day. Special prayers and rituals are done on worship places Songkran Festival day.

There are many meanings for throwing water on people on the day. It’s a way to wish good fortune for the entire year. A new fresh start by washing out all the bad things, blessing and purification also is meant by this way of wishing a very happy new year.

The name Songkran has got a Sanskrit origin. It is from the transformation of Sanskrit word ‘sankaranti’ this name Songkran was formed. Songkran Festival is celebrated in the hot season ,that is during the month of April.

People will take all the activities as a fun on the day. Every will get by water poured on them even by strangers. In streets, roads, malls everywhere we can see people with water, playing and making fun. It must be taken care of leaving the electronic materials in the room itself before living room as you may get wet at any moment after leaving your room.

We can see wishes and happiness all over the country on Songkran day. People celebrate it as a fun day though this related to the religious customs and functions. Songkran Festival 2009 Doodle also reflects the happiness of the festival. This is the best day of celebration over Thailand.