Social Networking giant Facebook celebrates 9th anniversary today

Today the meaning of social networking itself redirect for Facebook. It was in 2004 Mark Zuckerberg and friends started Facebook. The social Networking giant Facebook celebrates 9th anniversary today.

Social Networking giant Facebook celebrates 9th anniversary todayIt’s the interest of people to get connected and stay connected is skillfully used by Zuckerberg to work out with the idea of social networking site. Now we can see that how much he had succeeded in it. Today according to the reports there are more than 1.06 billion active users in Facebook. Daily there are approximately 8013638 links directing to

.According to the research estimation alexa traffic report and more than 310 million people uses Facebook in a single Day. This is what the true popularity means. Facebook is the only site which contain the database of more than a billion person and it has also been the second site which have the most number of visitors after Google. Every day more than 250 million photos are getting updated in it.

Though there are a large number of social networking site do you ever thought of what make Facebook unique from all those. Yes, it’s the inclusion of new features day by day makes it outstanding from all others. Every time they come up with something beyond than social networking. Graph search Beta application by Facebook is a clear example for this.

For past few years it was Orkut which was the best in social networking site. Facebook captured the title from Orkut with in a small period with the inclusion of new and advanced features which Orkut doesn’t provide. Facebook included all features in it which can attract people of all age limits. Facebook is not only popular among youngsters but also among adults and also children. Recent reports said that the Californian woman Florence Deltor is the oldest registered user of Facebook.

Facebook includes the chatting option, video calling option, live video streaming option, searching option and many more. Beyond all this it provides the facility to be in contact with old and new friends. There are many application in Facebook through which we can be in touch with the friend like poking, liking the new and old feeds by the friends, sharing photos and videos. Even it provides the best way to follow your favorite personalities by subscribing them. Notifications will be provided to you about the events that occur all around you if you have activated that option.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Founder of FacebookSince it has been created Facebook has gone through a series of advanced changes in it. The latest feature of Timeline which was introduced in the year 2012 provides you the facility enhance the personalized and improved user experience. Timeline option enables the user to see the activities that you had on Facebook in a timely ordered manner.

We have got many more options like groups in we can create groups of particular area of interest and we can invite friends to the group. As groups we have got pages where we can get the notifications and updating of the activities in the page. So there is no need of searching in many sites to get updations. Facebook provides all latest updations in the stream you are interested in if you have liked the page. Facebook is one of the best and better way through which we can remain connected with the world.

It is one of the best medium of advertisement. The most popular method of promoting an event or a product is by inviting the friends to know about it. Is it right? Then Facebook is the best medium for this. You can share you creativities, events and applications through it with your friends easily. Though Facebook has got a huge list of applications mostly people are using it to keep up their relations. By adding photos and videos in Facebook people get know what is happening to their loved and cared ones.

Facebook’s latest service Graph Search became very popular. It allows users to search easily and get answers for natural language quires accurately from its large data base. Facebook is using its social networking possibilities in this application to help users to find friends of their interest. It also helps us to search about what your friends are interested in.

Facebook login pageFacebook addiction have reached to such a great extent that today we can even can’t imagine a day without logging in to the Facebook account. The increase in the mobile phone use has widely effected in spreading the Facebook popularity. We can see the Facebook application in all phone discarding in what platform it is running. Reports says that most of the Facebook login are from mobile phones today.

Facebook mania is increasing day by day. Zuckerberg succeeded in providing what people want before they ask for it. Knowing peoples mind and serving them is the Facebook policy and this is the hidden secret behind the success of Facebook. We can hope that Facebook will come up with many advanced features in the future which makes us get connected to the people we love and to get updated of what all we want to know where ever we are.