Sochi wins the 2014 Olympic Games Google Doodle

During the international Olympic committee meeting Sochi in Russia was finalized as the host venue for winter Olympics of 2014. The meeting was held in July 4 of 2007. It was after a long series of Sochi was finalized for the winter Olympic Games.

Sochi wins the 2014 Olympic Games Google Doodle
Sochi wins the 2014 Olympic Games(July 6, 2007)

Google announced this news to the Russian people with a doodle. Doodle included the picture of beautiful white snow fallen mountains which are common in Russia. Sochi wins the 2014 Olympic Games Google Doodle is striking in a single look with its beautiful and attractive design. Inclusion of the diver in the place of letter ‘g’ added the thought to explain it to the world symbolically. Google doodle is simple but attractive and worked in taking out the news of 2014 Olympic games venue selection.

2014 is not a simple year for the largest resort city of Russia which is situated at shore of Black Sea. Sochi is going to host many special events on 2014. 22nd winter Olympics,11th Paralympic games, 2014 Formulae one grand pix are some of the important events which are going to be hosted in Russia city Sochi in this year. Apart from this Sochi was also selected as the host venue for the FIFA world cup of 2018.

Choosing of Olympic host city is not a simple task. They must go through many criteria to come out with the relevant name. It was in 119thsession of international Olympic committee the Sochi was selected for this. By being the host city for Olympic people are expecting a great development from the current level for the city.

Olympics is celebrated as the best time of the year which occurs as it comes ones in four years. So the country must prepare a lot long before the event that is why the announcement of the host cities will be taking place long before the events itself. It was in 2007 that is 7 years before the event to be occurred Sochi was declared the host venue so that they can make it apt for the function in the year.

Sochi 2014 Olympic
Sochi 2014 Olympic
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It was in 1924 the first ever winter Olympics took place with the events of sky skating, ice hockey, sky jumping, figure skating and so on. Since then in every four years the Olympics is hosted by different cities with great programs and functions.

The inaugural ceremony and the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games are the most viewed TV shows in TV. People all over the world enthusiastically wait for the Olympic season.  This is the best time when people eagerly wait for the winning of their country with a sportsman spirit. There is no revenge and jealous but we can see true national spirit in the venues of games.

Google also gave the importance to the Olympic Games in the year 2007 which is going to be held at Sochi in 2014 with the release of this doodle on homepage landed on Russia to announce this happy news to the Russian people and to also share happiness towards them. This is the most awaited event which will takes place in 2014. All over the world people are eagerly waiting for it. Hopefully it will best of Olympics which ever had before.