Snapchat or Facebook poke – Which is the best?

Snapchat the real-time picture chatting for iOS and android released in the month of September, became globally popular because of its totally different service. Recently the social networking giant Facebook also unveils poke application which is in same category. So the question is Snapchat or Facebook poke – Which is the best?

Snapchat is a fastest way to share your favorite moments with your loved ones over 10 times faster than normal MMS service. The main feature of Snapchat service is to you can decide how long your message will exist in friend’s inbox. The shared images will be automatically disappeared after the set time had run out. You need an account in Snapchat to use the service. The resetting of password is also available in Snapchat. You can send the snaps to any number of recipients at your wish. You have to specify the recipient’s name in ‘sent to.’ option.

Once you get into snapchat application it will automatically turn on to the camera and lets you to capture your favorite shots to share. You can also share the photos from your gallery. The application provides you a 3D box in the lower left corner with which you will inform about your Snap status. That is you can understand about the sent and received photos via application. Once you received a Snap via the application you need to click and hold the photo to receive it. It must be done before the time had run out.

Blocking a friend in Snapchat

  • Go to the main menu.
  • Tap on my friends.
  • Select the desired name from the list.
  • Swipe right across the name.
  • Press on edit button.
  • Click on block.

To unblock a friend in Snapchat

  • Select the contact list.
  • Go to bottom of the list.
  • Select blocked users.
  • Select the desired name.
  • Swipe across the name.
  • Click edit then unblock.

The Snap chat application also shows off total number of snaps you had sent to your friends. Depending on the number of sharing in every week end Snap chat provides the best friends list. Snapchat application available for iOS and android devices.

The Facebook poke messaging application is also coming under the same category of Snapchat. You are all know that the Facebook poke is use to remind our friends that you are thinking about them or else  laziest way of saying hai. By withstanding this basic feature the Facebook poke application allows you to share photos videos and messages to your friends, also a self-destruct timer application.

The allotted time by poke application is 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. With poke application you can share the contents to any number of friends in Facebook. After the specified time went off the shared content will automatically disappeared. To receive content via poke application you need to touch and hold the message before the time had finished. For this time the application is only available for iOS.

So both Snapchat and Facebook poke messaging do the same job. Both applications meant for to strengthen the connection between the people in a smart way.