Snapchat get instant messaging and video calling

Snapchat is much popular for its self destructive photo sharing feature. Now the developers announced instant messaging and video calling for the service, will arrive soon for it’s Android and iOS application.

Snapchat get instant messaging and video calling

Once you get the new updation you can start texting with your Snapchat friend. Like other chatting applications you can send texts, snaps, share photos and videos using Snapchat.

You will see a rectangular button next to the composing box, will turns blue when person at other end paying attention to the chat. You can initiate a one way video stream by holding down the blue icon within the chatbox. When the second person do the same thing both can see each other on screen.

During video chat you will see your face at the bottom level of the screen. Snapchat let you to remove it for just seeing your friend’s face only. You can also active the second camera of the device by simply dragging finger to upper half of the screen.

All texts and video calls will be erased from Snapchat when you leave a session. You can take screenshot of favorite section within the chat before you leave. It keeps privacy just like self destructive messaging within the service.