Honda releases a Smartphone application that avoids traffic jam

Mileage and traffic jam is the main problems that we faced when we gets on wheels. The analysts found out a solution to it through a Smartphone application. Popular motor manufacture Honda releases a Smartphone application that avoids traffic jam.

Honda tested for this application for a long time. They officially announced this technology after testing it in Indonesia.  In the test when drivers go on with the application guidance it reduced the chance of traffic jam by 6 minutes. Also it increases fuel efficiency by 20-22%.

Smartphone application that avoids traffic jam

The main reason for the cause of every traffic jam is the lack of maintain inter vehicle distance between vehicles. The main aim of new Honda application is to maintain the inter vehicle distance through Smartphones. If the vehicles are moving with an appropriate distance then there is no chance for traffic jam.

The application instructs the drivers to keep synchronize with each other to maintain inter vehicle distance. For the testing Honda uses different test vehicles having Smartphones in which new applications are inbuilt. The application continuously monitors the acceleration and deceleration of vehicles to analyses the driving condition.

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When the vehicle move on to the road the application will show off a green signal if it runs on a safe road that won’t cause traffic block. If the condition is out of safe mode then the system will show off blue light. Honda tested this technology from September 2012 to up to previous week and confirms the perfection.

Honda had tested this feature by two methods. Upon the primary standalone system they use a Smartphone that don’t have connection with other things. Such a system will delay the occurrence of traffic jam by 6 minute. It also increases the fuel efficiency by 20%. In the second method the system synchronized with a cloud server. It promised to reduce the chance of blocks by 6 minutes and increase fuel efficiency by 22%.

Honda believe that their new technology will easily accepted by the customers. As the number of vehicles reached in roads increases day by day it is essential to have such an application. The Company will officially provide this application after testing it on more crowded roads from different areas.