Memoto: smallest wearable camera ever with GPS chip

The use of camera had spread across in many electronic devices but small and wearable cameras have its own importance. The researchers have developed world’s smallest wearable camera called Memoto with GPS chip.smallest wearable camera ever with GPS chip

Tiny cameras are not a new thing but Memoto works differently as it has no control buttons and it takes photos automatically. The easily handle camera can be clip anywhere in your cloth and can wear it like an ornament. It continuously taking photos as long as you set it somewhere. The Memoto application organizes the captured picture and makes it accessible to you. So the camera and Memoto application is the backbone of this new Lifelogging camera.

A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

smallest wearable camera Memoto is as small as 36*36*9 mm size. Memoto featured with 5 megapixel camera that promises good quality photographs. It automatically captures photos in every 30 seconds and organizes the photos with the applications. The photos captured by it stored safely and good quality photos in those captured photos become more visible to you. The Memoto also provide online storage of photos so that your stuffs becomes safer and anytime accessible. When you connect your Memoto camera with PC it will automatically uploads the organized photos to the Memoto server for countless number of photos. As Memoto have android and iOS applications the photos can be accesable with smart phones which runs on these operating systems.

Memoto have GPS chip support so that can always trace out the location of the person who wear the camera. The application also allows sharing of your photos to social networking sites until you allow it. The photos are kept in private mode by default it can be only visible to others when you share those photos with them. The online storage provided by the Memoto is also safer encrypted storage.

Sample photo and gps data from the Memoto prototype camera
Sample photo and gps data from the Memoto prototype camera

Memoto have a rechargeable battery with having great back up of two full day withstand. The Micro-USB port allows you to get connects with your PC and also to recharge the camera. Memoto- The smallest wearable camera will surely becomes our all-time companion that capture the favorite moment automatically for our busy life.