Skype video messaging gets launches for Windows, Mac, iOS and android

Upon the VoIP service Microsoft’s Skype service dominates with 663 million users. The innovative options with the Skype provide the users an experience of real life communication. Recently we heard about the introduction of video message sharing in Skype. Today Skype video messaging officially gets launches for Windows, Mac, iOS and android.

Skype video messaging gets launches for Windows, Mac, iOS and androidAt first Skype made the announcement of video message sharing in the month of February. Recently they give the chance to users to preview this feature. Today the made the official launch of this feature for major platforms. It includes both desktop and mobile platforms. From today onwards you can enjoy the video sharing feature within Skype.

The images and videos have greater power to catching the attention of people than any other forms. Surely the videos of our favorite moments always become precious for our friends and relatives. That’s why the most dominant Skype plans to introduce video message sharing within the service. The only thing you need to do is get latest version of Skype and start sharing of video messages with your friends.

The video messages within the Skype made a real life communication impact within the users. The recorded videos can be shared with the contacts within your Skype account anytime. So that whenever the receiver sign in with his/her account they can see your video message at the right moment. Video messages can convey the informations than any other form of communication.Skype screenshots

Skype support a HD video message sharing. That is one can shared the video within high definition format to his friends and relatives. It may depend upon the internet speed, system and webcam of the users. Through this feature Skype is target to provide the users such a communication that make a feeling of real life experience. As it is available within most of all platforms all types of users can get this feature.