Skype users hit the record of 2 billion minutes per day

Skype is the most popular VoIP service available today. More than 600 million people use this service. It is ownered by software giant Microsoft.3rd April 2013 became most memorable day for Microsoft. Today Skype users hit the record of 2 billion minutes per day.

Skype users hits 2billion minutes recordSkype is the unique destination for making instant messaging, voice calls, video calls and file sharing. Today Skype users complete 2 billion minutes in the service. Skype inform their sincere gratitude for the users through the official blog. It is became the one of the biggest achievement by Microsoft.

Skype show off this record usage time in totally different way. They said that this 2 billion minutes is equal to time to travel to moon and back in 225 thousand times and walk around earth for 845 times. They also made approximation to this record time to many things. The members within Skype is randomly increased by the shutdown of Windows Live Messenger. It is also helps the service to hold this achievement.

Skype is the most popular VoIP service. It is available for a number of devices like PCs, iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Android, Kindle fires, Macs and Windows phones. It is also available in Smart TVs. Skype became the part of our daily life as it allows us to connect with people in an advanced way.

It offers IM, Voice calls, video calls, file sharing, screen sharing…Etc. Using Skype we can make video conference up to 10 persons. It demands premium account for any member. We can also make domestic and international calls very low rates. The latest version of Skype allows integration of Facebook chat. So that we can connect with our friends from two different services through single login. So for no doubt the effective features itself help the Skype to achieve this record.