Updated Skype for windows 8 supports HD video sharing

Skype is one of the most innovative services from Microsoft. The VoIP service dominated in the internet with 663 million registered users. Updated Skype for windows 8 supports HD video sharing, which include sending of 720p HD and receiving of 1080p HD.

Skype for windows 8 supports HD video sharingThe main reason why Skype is turns to such an effective service is nothing but it includes all form of communicative tools at its best. That is IM, voice calls, video calls, group video chatting, file sharing, screen sharing and now the HD video sharing. Microsoft added this feature because of Sky is available for variety of platforms.

Skype for windows 8 supports HD video sharing

The HD video message sharing within Skype depends on several factors. The user’s camera, available network, the system setups….Etc. Microsoft had previews this feature one month ago. Now the users experience the new feature with the friends. You can get the updated Skype for windows 8 from the official site.

It surely becomes a good feature between the Skype users. It provides a real time experience to us. We can send the files anytime at our wish. The receiver can get the desired files upon the online time. As those videos are within High Definition mode it conveys the information at its best. You only need a high speed internet connection and a perfect system as demand by Microsoft.Skype features

Microsoft also resolved some of issues within file transfer, call connect and in notifications. The issues within the file transferring are the missing of send history upon the restarting of application and crashing after initiation of transfer.

In previous release the problem within call connects is nothing but the crashing while trying to reconnecting it. There is also same kind of problem within notification launching. All these problems are fixed by Microsoft within the new release. Microsoft also makes many more development process for Skype and we can hope more feature from the software giant within their VoIP service.