Skype for android hits 100 million downloads and gets redesigned

The most dominant VOIP service Skype have more than 663 million users around the globe. Skype is  also top hits at play stores of all platforms. Today Skype for android hits 100 million downloads and gets redesigned.

Skype for android hits 100 million downloadsMost of the people used internet is to communicate with each other. So the service which provides effective communication methods becomes surely as popular as internet. Microsoft’s VoIP service Skype is one of such services which satisfied millions of users around the globe. Today Skype for android hits 100 million downloads. The service also launched new version of Skype for android with new features.

As Skype for android hits 100 million downloads the software giant decided to unveil redesigned application.Microsoft focused on to make the interaction between people easier and put the conversation first through the Skype. The redesigned version of this service Skype 4.0 for android focused for performance and tried to put the conversation first. The new version of Skype for android becomes easier and faster than before on usage.

Upon the launching of new Skype application for android it notifies you with the recent conversation list in a clean and clear manner. In that way you will gets a clear idea about the recent conversation you have made. Once you tap to this service make messaging to any one you will gets everything that need to make a perfect message.

When you tap on any of the contacts within your Skype account you will redirect to a new windows that allows you to make all modes of communication. It includes IM, voice call, video calls, file sharing…Etc. Other than providing more features the Skype 4.0 for android mainly focused for stability, speed and load time. Skype service already have enriches with effective features, so making them more functional becomes even more effective than introducing new features.

Skype also reported that the users will get time to time updation on this application. It is thinks to be such updation will brings new features to Skype  and make the service more reliable. With the launch of new version for android this effective VoIP service gets even more closer to us.