Simone de Beauvoir Birthday Doodle by Google

Simone de Beauvoir Birthday doodle by Google imaging Simon published globally on 9th January 2014. In the doodle for Simone, the lady with extra ordinary talent, designer boosted her strength with the powerful image in the center.

Simone de Behaviour Birthday doodle
Simone de Behaviour Birthday doodle(January 9, 2014)

Simone de Beauvoir  was a lady who was famous in many areas. Simone was well known writer, feminist, activist, social theorist and there are many other titles to describe her. Logo alphabets are written with White color in the background of Parasian street building with canopies in the ground floor. The combination of red and white shade made Google doodle attractive.

Simone de Beauvoir was born on 9th January 1908 in France. She’s a strong lady that world has ever seen. Through out her life time controversies followed her. Simone was taken the job of teachers for the first time and was suspended due to some issues. Later she rejoined as teacher.

Sartre was the long life companion of Simone. It’s the canopies in the Parasian building were they both spend many time. Both of them used to share their works and read each other before publishing.It was during the 1943, Simone published her first novel. Out of the novels and books she published it was the novel ‘The Second Sex’ got wide acceptance. After Sartre’s death in 1981, Simone published a work dedicating to Sartre ‘ A farewell to Sartre’ in which the pain of last days of Sartre was included. After his death Behaviour edited his letters and published some of them.

Apart from novels Simone also wrote essays, short stories, biographies and her auto biographies. Simone was ready to respond to any issues political as well as ethical. It’s this attitude made this lady stand apart from all other women in the period. Simone de Beauvoir died on 14th April 1986 at the age of 78. With the Google doodle on her birthday, Google gave tribute to Behaviour and shown respected for her works.