Google Doodle celebrates Sheridan Le Fanu’s 200th Birthday marking scene from novella Carmilla

Google UK and Ireland gets a doodle on homepage today marking the 200th birthday of famous Irish horror writer Sheridan Le Fanu. Google doodle depicts scene from his famous novella Carmilla published in 1871.

Sheridan Le Fanu Google Doodle
Sheridan Le Fanu Google Doodle(August 28, 2014)

Known for Gothic ghost tale, Le Fanu’s works includes horror and mystery unsaid, leading  readers to an imaginary world. Google Doodle includes a black and white design in which you can see a vampire hovering hands over a sleeping woman. Clicking on the doodle, you will be taken to search page for Sheridan Le Fanu.

Starting from story ‘Ghost and the bone setter’, Le Fanu have many works in his  name. Fanu was one of the most prominent writers in 19th century. Uncle Silas, The House by Churchyard, In a Glass Darkly and Carmilla which is themed in today’s doodle is the most known works of the writer.

Sheridan Le Fanu was born in Ireland on 28 August 1814. Fanu was the member of a family who have pioneer’s in literature. From Childhood itself he used his fathers library for reading and improving his skills.

You could see, Le Fanu’s touch of writing in 20th century horror fiction too. Many authors was influenced by Fanu’s method of horror description and included his style in works. Google Doodle also honors Sheridan Le Fanu on his birthday depicting the most powerful work from him.