Seven Sleepers Day 2009 doodle by Google

On 27th of June 2009 Google published a beautiful doodle in Germany. This doodle was to announce Seven Sleepers Day 2009 observed in Germany every year on 27th June. This is the day in the year which make us know how will be the weather condition for next seven weeks.

Seven Sleepers Day 2009
Seven Sleepers Day 2009 (June 27, 2009)

Seven Sleepers Day 2009 doodle for the celebration Google included tree, rain, beautiful sky and a scenic green background. Logo is written with the white color in it. The inclusion of tree as if it is penetrating through the alphabet ‘o’ gave a new style to the Google doodle.

Seven Sleepers Day has got great importance in the life of farmers as it has a great role in predicting the weather condition for the rest of seven weeks. Though there is no accuracy for the prediction, Seven Sleepers Day has got great significance as it’s a part of the tradition. Every year people will wait for the day to know whether the weather condition is rainy or not in the next seven weeks of the year.

Seven Sleepers Day
Seven Sleepers Day

The origin of Seven Sleepers Day celebration is believed to have different background. Christians relate it to the Seven Sleepers of Ephehus who hid in the cave to escape from Roman Emperor Decius who woke up after 200 years falling asleep hiding in the cave.

Similarly many other legends and stories related to origin of the day is prevailing in many places. The date for the celebration of the day differ in different places. Most probably the celebration of Seven Sleepers Day comes on June 27th and the celebration takes place on the day.

Doodle for the celebration of Seven Sleepers Day 2009 included everything that points to the message of the day. As it is the day related to nature and weather the inclusion of greenery, plants, sky and rain gave a special beauty to the doodle.