Dr Seuss 105th Birthday Google Doodle making his famous works

On 2nd March 2009 celebrated Dr Seuss 105th Birthday Google Doodle with  the pictures from his famous works. Seuss birthday doodle was very attractive in the way it is presented in front of the users.

Seuss 105th Birthday Google Doodle
Seuss 105th Birthday Google Doodle (March 2, 2009)

Dr. Seuss was an extraordinary personality with great dedication for his works. Seuss believed in perfection other than anything. During his life time he wrote about 40 books, most of them were children’s book. Theodore Geisel is his pen name.

As in Seuss 105th Birthday Google Doodle  each of his book includes attractive cartoon characters which are loved by children of all time. Every alphabet in the doodle is replaced by the cartoon character and all are in different colors.

Google logo ‘G’ is wrote with the picture which makes us remember one of his famous work ‘The cat in hat’. We can see the image of the cat with red bow in the doodle which we can see in the cover page of his book. Doodle also pictures images from his other works Hop on Pop, If I Ran the Zoo, Fish Fox and many more.

Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was born in the year 1904 at United States. Writer, artist, poet and cartoonist are the positions in which he was known worldwide. We can see a new creative touch in Seuss  works though it doesn’t have any deep moral and meanings. He wrote the books which are loved by children.

Doodle to honor Dr. Seuss on his birthday is also similarly good and beautiful like his children’s books. Many of books were later taken for illustration and made many cartoon films on the theme that he covered through his works.

Dr. Seuss was died in the year 1991 due to throat cancer on September 24th. It was at the age of 87 he passed away.

After his death in 1991 many tributes were given to him to honor his great works. He was one of the author who got paid for his work only after completing the entire work.

A children library and a memorial sculpture garden was built after his death in his honor. Many awards like Theodor Seuss Geisel award in his name were introduced later for the people who show case their talents in working as a writer. Today also we remember him through his works. Google made us remember this great man with extraordinary talent and passion for his works with this colorful and beautiful doodle.