Sergey Brin spotted in New York subway wearing Google Glass

On 20th January 2013 the passengers of down town 3 train at NewYork subway has two surprises, met one of most powerful man and a futuristic product. Sergey Brin spotted in New York subway wearing Google Glass.

An augment reality enthusiastic named Noah Zerking took a photo of Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass at NewYork subway. “Yeeeah…..I just had a brief conversation with the most powerful man in the world. On down town 3 train. Nice guy” Zerking shared through his Twitter account.

Recently Segey Brin flying billboard for the promotion of the Google glass. Other than making a promotion Sergey Brin hangout with Google glass helps the people to get a sense of the appearance and usage of the product.

Google glass is the most focused augment reality product ever, working on it for more than 1 year,the first ever wearing computing device from the Google. Google glass is developed under the guidance of Sergey Brin. The main attraction of Google Glasses is that it supports to do any online task as we are busy with doing other things.

Google glass is running on android operating system. Voice commands are the driving force of the product. The tiny display which is attached to the glass of the product shows off everything and provides a virtual screen infront of our eyeball. It is also works with the movement of our eyes. You can do anything with the Google Glass that are doing with the PCs. It is reported that Google Glass will introduce to the world in the middle of 2014.