NASA celebrated birthday of Curiosity by sending birthday song to Mars

NASA’s Mars mission curiosity rover landed on Mars on 5th August 2012. NASA scientists celebrated the first birthday of Curiosity rover in totally different Manner. NASA scientists celebrated the first anniverssary of Curiosity rover mission by sending birthday song to Mars.

sending birthday song to MarsCuriosity Mars Mission is one of the greatest achievements by NASA. The Curiosity rover brought much closer informations about the red planet to us. So on 6th August 2013, the first birthday of Curiosity rover the celebrations must be host in Mars to make the fulfillment. That is why NASA scientists thinking off to sending birthday song to Mars through a unit called SAM.

SAM- The technology used by NASA to sending birthday song to Mars

SAM is an abbreviation of Sample Analysis at Mars. In details it is an efficient organic chemistry lab on Curiosity rover. SAM is an advanced, efficient lab used to send datas to Curiosity rover. There are two units for SAM, one on NASA lab and another on Curiosity rover. The technology of SAM itself is help the NASA scientists to sending birthday song to Mars.

NASA scientists used to make tests in the identical Mars unit on Earth to make the correction before sending informations to Mars. SAM helps the scientists to make great experiments on Mars by testing several elements on that planet. It is the unit that helps robotic rover to test soil on Mars.

To make deep research on the soil of Mars scientists programmed the SAM units to vibrate with several frequencies. In such a situation the SAM unit produced resonance. The NASA scientist used this technology to sending birthday song to Mars.

They made several numbers of tests on the SAM unit at NASA labs before sending it to Mars. It is for the first time NASA makes this kind of attempt. It is also to be noted that to complete one Mars year it takes 687 Earth days. So on day on which Curiosity rover complete one Mars year NASA will surely bring another surprise for us. Anyway it is became another achievement for NASA to brought the magic of music to the red planet for the first time.