Send free messages to any mobiles in India with Way2SMS

Short Message Service or SMS is the most common service that used by billions of users around the globe to communicate each other. But sometimes we don’t have enough offers to send messages to our friends and relatives. Here is one solution for that, Send free messages to any mobiles in India with Way2SMS.

send free messages to any mobiles in IndiaWay2SMS is country’s largest messaging community with more than 20 million users. The real power of this service is that it helps the users to send messages via application and through web. This service provides effective application for the most dominant android platform and it can be get from the play store. Others who wish to access this service can be join from the official site, thus the Way2SMS service allows to send free messages to any mobiles in India.

The things to be remembered by android users

  • Download and install Way2SMS application from Google Play.
  • Register your account with required information.
  • You will get a secret code to your mobile to make completion of your account.
  • Once you create the account access the service with your mobile no and password.Way2SMS application screenshots

To access Way2SMS service through web registration is a must one. You can also register the account via Facebook, Yahoo or with Google accounts. It helps you to get the service fast. Sending messages via Way2SMS is free, simple and personal. You won’t feel any delay in sending or receiving messages through this service. You can also create customized group through this service so that can make the messaging in faster method.

Send free messages to any mobiles in India with way2SMS

  • Way2SMS service have more than 20 million active users today. Every day the service gets an addition of 25000 new members.
  • Way2SMS world’s 8th fastest raising search keyword in internet.
  • This service have country’s largest database collection of mobile contacts which count almost 360 million. It is also to be noted that it hits with more than 55million mobiles in every month.
  • This service gets 15 million messages in a single day.
  • Way2SMS get 10 billion messages till date and dominated with 400 million page views in very month.