How to send Email to a Gmail user without knowing ID

Everyone like to share their personal Email IDs close people only. Then what should do when you demand for making mail to a little known peoples, also for receiving mails from such people. Be cool, Here how to send Email to a Gmail user without knowing ID.send Email to a Gmail user without knowing ID

How to send Email to a Gmail user without knowing ID

On 9th January Google made new integration of Google+ service to Gmail, shared through Gmail blog. It let you to make mailing to someone within Google+ connections without knowing their actual ID. It is also possible to others to make mailing to your inbox unaware about ID.

Google will make the public release of this feature within Gmail in next few days. You will get a confirmation mail from Google before make this new Gmail feature as a default one.

Google+ with Gmail

  • Open compose box within Gmail.
  • Start typing the name of person whom do you want to mail within address bar.
  • Gmail will suggest you the persons who are in Google+connections.
  • Select the right person from suggestions.

It is important to be note that your mail ID won’t visible to person within Google+ connections unless you send personal mail to that person, also you can’t find others ID without their permission. This feature is very helpful to share the matter without losing privacy.

Once you get mail from a person who are not within your circle and you wish to receive mails from that person just add him/her to the circles. You can also make spam reporting to this mail to block messages from that person. When you ignore that mail that person can make reply to original mail but won’t able to make new conversation.

How to control mails from Google+ connections to your inbox

Once the new mailing system get default in Gmail you can find a new setting within the mail service named ‘Email via Google+. This setting help you to control receiving mails from Google+ connections.

Gmail setting

  • Click on gear icon from top right then go to settings.
  • Select Email via Google+.
  • Click on drop down button then select from choices anyone on Google+, extended circle, circle or no one.
  • Save changes.

Whenever a person within your Google+ circle  mails you the message can find within the primary category of new Gmail inbox. In case of mail from someone within Google+ service who is not within your circle can find in social category.