Selma Lagerlof Birthday Google Doodle imaging The Wondeful Adventures of Nils

Google honored Selma Lagerlof, the Swedish writer on her 155th birthday,including image from her famous Novella ‘The wonderful Adventures of Nils’ in doodle on 20th November 2013.

Selma Lagerlof Birthday Google Doodle
Selma Lagerlof Birthday Google Doodle (November 20, 2013)

In Selma Lagerlof Birthday Google doodle, we can see the main character of  ‘The wonderful Adventures of Nils’. Google doodle ,designed by portraying Nils flying with goose  is apt for Selma’s birthday. Google logo is included in left top of the doodle in Italics.

Selma Lagerlof
Selma Lagerlof
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Selma was a Swedish writer. As we can see in the doodle, it’s the fiction work ‘The wonderful Adventures of Nils’  in 1906 was the most prominent work by Selma. The image of Nils as we can see in doodle is printed on Swedish 20 Krona banknote.

Working as school teacher for many years ,Selma Lagerlof have shown her skill in illustrating stories with great imagination. This made Selma capable to write Children’s book . It was in 1902 Selma started the work for Nils. After spending years in observation of animals, birds and nature finally the book was out in 1906.

Selma also have many other works in her name. Creativity and imagination in the works made Selma Lagerlof win Nobel Prize for literature in 1909. In fact Selma was the first lady writer to win Nobel Prize for literature.

Selma had also received many honors and awards during her life time.  Her house at Sweden is now a Museum. Selma donated her Nobel Prize and Gold medal to help Finland during time of war, this shows ,Selma was not only a good writer but also a good human being.

Most of Selma’s work were translated to other languages and also many films were taken based on her works.  Selma Lagerlof died in the year 1940 March 16th due to cerebral hemorrhage.Google Doodle on Google homepage is to honor Selma and her works.