Volvo to introduce self parking system in upcoming XC 90 models

The Swedish auto manufacture Volvo now all set to introduce new self parking system. The new autonomous system will available on XC 90 model Volvo cars. The fully automated parking system and pedestrian detection widely available from next year onwards.

self parking system The automated systems in vehicles sometimes turn to be very helpful because such systems can react at right time than that of humans. Here Volvo aims for complete safety over your drive. Other than self-parking system they also introduce pedestrian detection in night and steer away from road edges and barriers.

The self parking system helps to park the car within proper place without having the presence of driver in the seat. The advanced sensors within the car automatically detect the surrounding conditions and get parked in right place. Such sensors can detect the presence of pedestrians and other vehicle within the place.

Such a self parking system will only available within the places where designed to be compatible with this technology. Once the car gets parked the driver can call back the vehicle to right spot by using the Smartphone application. Volvo shortly introduces such an application for major mobile platforms. The company already made test drive to make sure this technology.self parking system for Volvo

The pedestrian detection in night makes the vehicle to be capable sense the presence of pedestrians in low light. Once the vehicle detects the presence of pedestrians then it will automatically apply brake under 500m away. It will surely reduce the chances of accidents in right way. Also this system can keep away the chances of signal violations.

Also the future Volvo cars can steer away from the road edges and barriers through right sense. The vehicle automatically applies brake on such situations. It also keeps away the vehicle from the collision with other vehicles. An animal detection system from Volvo also under process, it helps the drivers to make sense about the presence of animals inn stranger paths. It is thinks to be new technologies from Volvo make future driving in their cars much safer than before.

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